Star Trek™: Alien Domain
Star Trek: Alien Domain is a free to play browser based 2D strategy MMO set in the Stark Trek universe. Players must choose between siding with the Klingon Empire or the United Federation of Planets. Each faction offers unique artwork, officers and ships to take you on alien-killing adventures. The United Federation of Planets has access to Constitution-class and Defiant-class starships, while the Klingon faction offers D7 Battle Cruisers and Birds of Prey.

Players can also create ships new to the Stark Trek universe by researching emerging technologies. The browser-based strategy game boasts a new Star Trek story and requires players to construct bases to obtain resources and research emerging technologies to amass a diverse fleet of ships to make you a formidable alien killer and universe dominator.

Set in the realm of fluidic space, Star Trek: Alien Domination offers a medium player base and some customization, in that you can build various upgradeable structures to gain access to different skill trees. Players must strategically exercise resource-management skills to maintain and expand their colonies. The game also offers both PvP and PvE options. PvP ranges from one-on-one fights to massive guild-against-guild fights. Colonize available planets and defend your colonies against attacks from other players in turn-based online strategy duels.

Developer(s) & Publisher(s): GameSamba
Tags: mmo, space, aliens, star trek, strategy
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