Report a Game

Problems with a game?

If you come across a game that breaks our rules & guidelines or isn't working properly, you can submit your complaint, here.

Here are our rules and guidelines:
  • No excessive advertising (keep outlinks at minimal amount)
  • No misleading links (animated thumbnails, false play button, sprites that act as buttons)
  • No harmful content (excessive violence, spam, misleading content, scams, offensive or hateful content, etc.)
  • No gambling content
  • No nudity (unless censored)
  • No other explicit content (such as pornography)
  • No stolen games--you must either be the creator of the game, have rights to it, or have permission to submit it to CrazyWare Arcade

Is the game not loading or working properly?

If the game won't load, isn't working properly, or has other issues, please go to the Help & FAQ page to find solutions to these problems. If you've tried everything that was mentioned on that page, but the game still won't work, then fill out the form on the left and click/tap "Send". We'll look into it, and we will contact you, as soon as possible.