Platform Golf
Each level is uniquely designed to be a prelude to more challenging levels ahead. Avoid mushrooms or use them to your advantage. Mushrooms can bounce you high and take you to the floating platforms. Ready your mind and maintain focus because sometimes, rolling logs get in the way, other times, it falls from the sky. Sometimes, it might get difficult to maintain your position; you can use wooden planks to your advantage and break a fall! Why did the golf ball break the glass? To get to the other side! Break glasses if you must to get to your hole! One more thing, don’t forget to collect crystals and coins along the way. More of them will give you more hits!

Platformgolf is also available on Steam.

Developer(s) & Publisher(s): Patrick Hofmann, Bytecrunch
Tags: golf, 2D, 2D games, sports, arcade, balls
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