Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming
Fame and glory await you in Westeros, in Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, the officially licensed free-to-play game based on the epic fantasy series by George R.R. Martin.

Become the lord of a house and recruit characters from the iconic books and TV show to engage in world-shaking real-time battles to bring your own form of order and stability to the turbulent realm of Westeros.

To accomplish your goals, you’ll need to recruit and train your army, while expanding your territory and increasing your influence. Other lords might stand in your way, and there’s only one way to deal with them: conquest. Leave your marks on the history books and let no one stand in the way of your greatness!

Developer(s) & Publisher(s): Yoozoo Games, GTArcade
Tags: RTS, strategy, adventure, game of thrones, war, george, george r.r. martin, thrones, empires, tangent
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