Eco City
If you love city builders like SimCity but want an easier and more relaxed experience, Eco City is your game. This SimCity-inspired game is perfect for players that enjoy building cities and just want to relax. This fun game mixes farm and city simulator features to allow players to develop a seaside town and turn it into a metropolis or a farm.

The game offers plenty of options in terms of constructing buildings, gardens, orchards, and farms. You can build an eco-friendly city in Eco City, and invite friends over.

Starting your city in this game is easy, even for players new to this genre because your character, the Mayor, is there to guide you through the first moves. He’ll be explaining everything you need to know to get started and develop your city’s infrastructure. Recycle, produce organic products and build a beautiful, thriving, eco-friendly city!

Developer(s) & Publisher(s): R2Games
Tags: city, simcity, free, online, simulation, fun & crazy, eco, green, clean, city builder
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