History of CrazyWare

CrazyWare was started in 2010 by Johnathan Jones, with the vision of forming a business that creates amazing games, mods, 3D models, and other products. CrazyWare has come a long way since its inception. Games, mods, and other creations were released, over the years, and new content is always being planned and created. Creating new worlds, characters, ideas, and styles, and expanding into new areas, are both ambitious and important goals that CrazyWare strives to reach.

About CrazyWare Arcade

CrazyWare Arcade is a game site. It's an open platform for all kinds of games, and anyone, large or small, can submit their games to the site. It also has an active community that you should join! There are many different games available, such as arcade, adventure, action, and time management games. New games are frequently added to the site. You can play older Flash games, and game engine platforms like HTML5 and WebGL are supported.
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