2020 Deluxe
The legendary puzzle game 2020! is back! 2020 Deluxe combines all the features of its predecessors and adds an extra dose of trickiness, new game modes, and new blocks! Place your blocks on the board and fill vertical or horizontal lines in order to clear them. Once you've placed your set of three blocks, you will get a new set. The longer you play, the more complex your blocks will become! Make sure to place them wisely so the game board is not filled up and to leave enough space for your remaining blocks! Do not worry, surprise gifts, coins and power-ups will help you to clear up some space and to achieve new high-scores! Complete the level goals to unlock new challenges! Play 2020! Deluxe now and enjoy one of the most challenging puzzle games of all time! Compete with your friends and family! How far you can go in this game?

Developer(s) & Publisher(s): Softgames
Tags: puzzle, arcade, board
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